Compost & Bio-Waste Solutions

Liberty Compost provides comprehensive biowaste services for municipalities, food producers and green waste haulers. We also produce high quality compost for commercial agriculture. Our facility is one of the longest-running and largest operations in California. Liberty Compost has over 60 customers and 25 years in operation. We’re a family-owned business, committed to continuing to innovate and evolve as the market demands and regulations increase.

Who do we service?

Food Producers

California regulations require food processors to recycle organic waste to divert organic matter from landfills, we offer turn-key solutions to keep your business in compliance.

Compost Supplier

We produces high-quality compost for commercial agriculture using recycled food waste and green waste.

Waste Haulers

We’re one of the largest and longest operating waste recycling facilities in California, you can count on us to handle all your green wast needs.

California Municipalities

We provide cost effective, reliable, and convenient service for municipalities’ need to recycle from Southern California through the Central Valley.

Put Liberty Compost to work for your company.